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4 Jun 2015
Buildings which can be used for commercial purposes, frequently prefer to have large spaces which are unobstructed by columns or walls, since this lends more flexibility to any planned operations. Invariably, these results in steel structures that can span large distances, and commercial roofing becomes the choice for roof protection and to guard against weather.
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It is extremely essential that materials utilized for roofing these structures be long lasting and able to withstand all of the environments of the weather. It can be of enormous help if the materials require little or no maintenance as this can result in savings in cost in the long run. Earlier commercial structures largely used asbestos cement sheets to pay roofs, as they were very easy to install, gave some insulation and were fairly durable. Asbestos has since falling into disuse for the carcinogenic properties, especially in dust form, and it has its use has become suspended. Metal has replaced asbestos, as well as other sheeting materials being used for commercial sheeting include PVC, polycarbonate, asphalt, EPDM and fiberglass.
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Steel and aluminum will be the commonly used materials, and technologies have improved to allow sheets of little or no thickness to span large distances. It is also possible to coat these sheets with various materials so that they get yourself a permanent finish, and obviated any need for painting. The sheets may also be formed in various shapes which assist them to have greater strength and effectiveness against bending. Many commercial structures that do require climatic control, use sheeting which is made up of an insulation layer sandwiched between two layers of metal and other material. This helps to greatly control temperatures inside and so reduce utility bills.

When you go in for any form of commercial roof repair, it is best to get in reputable roofing companies, who are licensed to handle such work at heights and tend to be adequately insured. Contractors must be able to offer you a wide choice of sizes, colors and roof styles. They must take care of any permissions or inspections by authorities, have the ability to give you roofs which they guarantee as leak proof, try to use materials that licensed by the industry and follow certain standards. The contractor also needs to be able to ensure that your roof has proper drainage, as well as in certain cases, may also require installing drains and down takes to ensure the complete roofing job.

Roofing jobs are always undertaken at heights, and workers would be wise to use proper safety equipment like harnesses and safety nets to attenuate accidents. They may also have to have lifting equipment to lift the roofing material to heights, though in many instances, sheets are light enough being hauled up manually. Mechanization can naturally speed up the work. Roofing sheets need to be bolted down to structural roofing members, and care had to be taken to see that these anchoring points don't become an entry to rain and moisture, by providing adequate washers and also other material. Where roof lengths are high, sheets might have to overlap vertically, as well as horizontally, and the building code does lie down certain standards to successfully get a waterproof surface.


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